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2016 Shanghai Food Machinery and Packaging Machinery Exhibition

After six years of careful cultivation, Shanghai International Food Packaging and Processing Equipment Exhibition has successfully held six sessions in Shanghai. As a grand event in the food industry, there are three major exhibition titles: several exhibition projects: food machinery exhibition, packaging machinery exhibition, processing Equipment exhibition, refrigeration equipment exhibition area, beverage machinery exhibition area, food preservation equipment area, meat processing equipment area, more than 600 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions in the world participated in the exhibition, each of which has domestic and foreign food industry manufacturers listed in the exhibition More than 50,000 professionals visited the conference and played an important role in promoting local economic development. It is one of the key exhibition projects supported by relevant government functional units. It is also a food industry exhibition event that many well-known food equipment manufacturers are keen to participate in! In order to provide a better and faster investment, trading and display platform for the exhibitors.