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Action selection of injection molding machine injection process

General injection molding machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically.
  Manual operation is in a production cycle, every action is realized by the operator flipping the operation switch. It is generally selected during test machine adjustment.
   In semi-automatic operation, the machine can automatically complete a work cycle, but after each production cycle, the operator must open the safety door, remove the workpiece, and then close the safety door before the machine can continue production in the next cycle.
  In fully automatic operation, the injection molding machine can automatically enter the next work cycle after completing a work cycle. There is no need to stop the machine for control and adjustment during normal continuous work. However, please note that if you need to work fully automatically, (1) do not open the safety door in the middle, otherwise the automatic operation will be interrupted; (2) feed the material in time; (3) if you choose the electric eye sensor, you should be careful not to cover the electric eye.
  In fact, in fully automatic operation, it is usually necessary to temporarily stop in the middle, such as spraying mold release agent on the machine mold.


   In normal production, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation is generally selected. At the beginning of the operation, the operation mode (manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic) should be selected according to the production needs, and the manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic switch should be toggled accordingly.
The semi-automatic and fully automatic working procedures have been determined by the circuit itself. The operator only needs to change the speed and pressure, the length of time, the number of thimbles, etc. on the electric cabinet, and it will not be caused by the operator adjusting the wrong buttons. Make the work process chaotic.
   Before each action in a cycle is adjusted properly, manual operation should be selected first. After confirming that each action is normal, select semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.

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