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Applications of Cap Mold Machines I

Cap Mold machines are some devices which special create forms of plastic, glass, and bottle plastics. Every industry has this type of machine for a faster production process with increased demand. The machines are made of various sizes and types provided they tighten screws and have the caps lugged in terms of their diameters.

Since capping machines are of many types, therefore many industries are dominated by one bottle capper type. Therefore, we have to know some industries to know various capping equipment types to different packages. There are various industries which use this kind of machine.

1. The industry of Bottled Water with Other Beverages

Teas, soft drinks, bottled water, among other beverages use the same closure type. They use a type of cap called screw-on in sealing and protecting the products. Closure can vary since there are flip-top and simple flat caps, but despite the variation, they will screw-on the cap which is used in that project. Beverages are fitted with a spindle capping machine due to its automatic working. It uses the spinning disk sets when grabbing and tightening a screw-on cap when it's moving at the capping machine hence allows a continuous capping with a cap delivery system and power conveyor. Chuck cappers are applied in industries with low demand for capping since they efficiently work for the applications which are semi-automatic and they are cost-effective too.

2. Distilled Spirits Industry

Apart from beverages, there are unique distilled spirits in its closure application. The distilled spirits are closed with corks, ROPP, or T-corks caps in sealing their bottles, such as wine bottles. The closures here need a capping machine which is special for reliability and consistency during sealing. ROPP caps use knives when threading aluminum cap on a glass bottle that is used to store spirits. There are machines which secure T-corks among similar closures in place on both semi-automatic and automatic systems. The distilled industry can have products using capsule spinner in adding aesthetic value towards the product presentation as it provides tamper resistance.