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Applications of Cap Mold Machines II

3. Pharmaceuticals Industry

There is a medicine that will require screw-on caps like the bottled watered ones, but the industry still has some more varieties when compared to the drinks industry. The packages of pharmaceuticals can use snap on the type cap, which is similar in screwing on closures apart from using threads, containers, or bottles that have a ledge or lip which will be snapped by the closure in securing the product. The pharmaceutical industry has products that use bottle insertions like the eyedroppers, which enables the consumers to them correctly. Both the snap capping and inserting machines are in both semi-automatic and automatic versions. When you use screw-on closures, you will see chuck cappers are popular since the containers in pharmaceuticals have smaller sizes.

4. The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetic is almost the same as the pharmaceutical industry because the snap and screw-on closures can be used in products of both industries. Also, some cosmetics use inserts like agitator bead which is in most nail polishes with lipstick brushes among more cosmetic items. The industry uses chuck and spindle cappers where the chuck cappers are famous for the semi-automatic processes.

5. Household Items and Personal Care

Such items are shampoo, liquid soaps, and window cleaners, among other many products. The screw-on closures are available in this industry too, but its type can be slightly different compared to other commonly used screw-on closures. As for window cleaner, it will need a trigger sprayer, shampoos, soaps, and pumps can use flip-top closures of screw-on lids. The chuck and spindle cappers are widely used here too though they may need some adjustments or modifications in handling unique caps.

There are many more industries using capping machines globally. Every industry is likely to have a closure part which is typically used in many products of various industries. When the packages are competing for outstanding others in the crowd, there will always be exceptions where various capping machines may be used in almost all industries. is a professional Cap Mold site, welcome your visit.