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Benefits of Bottle Capping Machinery II

5. Does not allow the bottle to spin

The base of the bottle capping machinery is typically coated with rubber that provides high friction. The force generated is in the downward direction, and the bottom of the bottle is pressed at an enhanced speed at the time of the capping process. The bottle does not spin away thanks to the rubber base and other damages can also be prevented.

6. Speed

In case the capping machinery happens to be automated, there will be an increase in the number of bottles capped during the day. On the other hand, manual capping or semi-automated machines are going to take more time in the long run. Automated capping machines come with a cap delivery system that needs the operator to just dump bulk caps from time to time in a hopper.

7. Versatility

Most of the automated bottle capping machinery will be able to handle a wide array of capsizes and shapes so long as the tightening principle remains the same. For instance, spindle cappers are utilized for tightening screws on the caps. However, an automatic spindle capper will be able to handle sports caps, flat caps, flip tops, and even trigger sprays. Caps of different sizes will usually require some easy tool-free adjustments in order to change over from one to the other.

8. Integration

Almost every automated bottle capping machinery will be able to integrate easily with an already existing packaging line. In case power conveyors are employed, the machine will be able to just roll up to the present line and start producing following the setup. In case there are no conveyors, it is possible to manufacture the capper along with its personal conveyor and this can be set up as the initial step in automating a comprehensive packaging line.

9. Other benefits

Bottle capping happens to be chemically inert as well as non-corrosive in nature, thus safeguarding the integrity of the products. These are also light in weight, inexpensive to get hold of and readily obtainable. More information please visit petblowingmachine