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China's beer packaging machine technology needs to be improved

According to relevant data, the global beer market will develop rapidly, which will greatly promote the development of beer packaging and packaging label market. At the same time, such development opportunities have put forward higher requirements for China's packaging industry.

This will be a good business opportunity for the packaging and printing industry, so the growth momentum that can be transformed into the packaging market remains to be verified, but the value of the beer packaging industry is self-evident. China's beer industry has become one of the fastest growing, most productive and most competitive industries in the world beer market. In the next five years or so, there is still room for growth in this market.

With the increasing use of plastics, beer bottles have gradually got rid of heavy glass bottles and gradually developed towards lightweight plastics. Glass bottles have long been the main container for beer, but their impact resistance and pressure resistance are poor, and there are safety hazards. It is of great market value to develop cheap and suitable substitutes. As a new type of beer packaging container, PET plastic beer has become a hot spot in global research.

In the face of such development opportunities, whether it is capable of grasping the problems that beer companies should consider, packaging equipment is the most important equipment in beer production, including depalletizers, unloaders, bottle washers, filling machines, Sterilization machine, packing machine, carton forming machine, carton packing machine, carton sealing machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, palletizer, etc. Beer packaging equipment is the most integrated part of the beer machinery industry in China and the most balanced development.