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Choosing a Preform Mold For Your PET Bottle Production Needs

Choosing a Preform Mold For Your PET Bottle Production Needs
When producing PET bottles, it is important to use a good quality preform mold. A PET bottle preform mold is divided into two halves that are mounted on backing plates that are drilled for steam and cooling water to pass through. The backing plates also carry guide pins that help align the two halves. 
The fill speed of a preform mold should be 8-12 g/sec per cavity, which is adequate for a four-mm-thick preform. However, a thicker preform can be filled much faster because it is easier to push it through the tool channels. For example, a 525 g preform with an 8.5-mm-thick wall will take 27 seconds to fill, or 19.4 g/sec per cavity.
The optimum combination of material, design, and functionality is essential for high-quality preforms. Modern Sigler preform moulds feature modular design, which reduces the need for hot-runner changes. In addition, the system is designed to accommodate the varying lengths of preforms, so change times are reduced by a third compared to conventional preform molds. As a result, Sigler moulds have a reduced tooling cost.
Molds typically grow in dark, moist places with little oxygen. The presence of mold is usually an indicator of a water leak or roof leak. Mold will grow in cracks and small spaces and eventually spread to more visible areas. Even when you clean mold from an affected area, it usually comes back. So, it is important to keep a clean home when you notice a mold problem.
Designing a PET preform mould is an intricate process that requires detailed understanding of plastics and moulding techniques. Both product designers and tool manufacturers should be familiar with this process and work closely to ensure the best outcome. This cooperation helps the process run smoothly and ensures the highest quality products. The right tool is essential to achieving a successful outcome.
When choosing a mold, be sure to consider how long it will last. The longer a mold is used to produce parts, the higher ROI it will have. A good long-term investment will put your company in the best position compared to other competitors. This makes choosing the best preform mold an important decision for your business.
Preform molds are designed with the goal of preserving the shape of a part. Proper cooling requires a balanced water flow in and out of the mold. The proper temperature will affect the appearance and performance of the finished product. You must ensure that the temperature is within a safe range for plasticization.

48 Cavity Injection PET Preform Mold

PET preform mould is an injection mould, which is suitable for producing PET preforms. There are many preforms with different neck and weight for different bottles, such as the carbonated bottle, mineral water bottle, , pesticide bottle, oil bottle, cosmetics bottle, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc.