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Common fault problems and solutions for injection molding machine maintenance?

Many failures may occur when the injection molding machine is improperly operated or used improperly. When you really understand the maintenance of the injection molding machine, you should have a detailed understanding of the failure. You can also look at the specific solutions? Confirming these basic conditions will also be easier when selecting machinery and equipment.

Oil pump motor failure
The oil pump motor may also have a lot of failures during use. Generally, when there is an abnormal sound, the equipment should be turned off urgently to check whether the fuse is blown or loose. After checking it, look at other reasons. Generally, there is no The abnormal sound may also be a loose wire.

Motor failure
The motor may not work when it is in use. It is necessary to see whether it is a pressure problem or a large pump problem, and find the problem in time to quickly solve it. There are many factors to be considered in the maintenance of the injection molding machine. Sometimes it may need to be disassembled to find the cause, which can better solve the fault problem.
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