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Does the blow molding machine pollute the environment? Is it environmentally friendly?

With the development of the food industry, the food and beverage packaging industry is also expanding. It also stimulated the blow molding machine industry. The blow molding machine industry in China is facing a big problem:
1. Blow molding machine enterprises urgently need the direction of green, environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. How to better develop in the safety, health and environmental protection blow molding machine industry. In the severe pollution of the 21st century, only with the combination of environmental protection and zero pollution, the bottle blowing machine industry can continue to grow better.
Second, the secondary utilization of the blow molding machine. Because new blow molding machines are expensive, used blow molding machines are the first choice for small businesses. But because it is used, the quality can not be guaranteed, the seller can not provide a warranty, so limited order part. It is imminent to establish a trading platform for second-hand blow molding machines.
The domestic bottle blowing machine is set up with the international developed country standards or industry standards, meets the product quality index system, and realizes the key products produced in the design, manufacture, inspection, installation, commissioning whole-process service, and a huge number of equal-width licensed products. Strengthen quality awareness and quality management.

Simple structure and reliable Water Bottle Machine 600ML 5000BPH MST 68/4

Master Packing manufacturing design and produce the fully automatic bottle blowing machine more than 20 years, now we can produce 1--16 cavity, 10ml---30L PET bottle with the output 100--19,200BPH.All Master blowing machine can connect to the filling line. Master packing supply bottle blowing mold and preform and cap injection mold. Our quick change blow mold can save a lot of time and effort on change mold..

High Output:Due ti the adoption of the heating and molding these two parts run separately, blowing of high speed operation thus to improve the output.