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Features of plastic bottle cap mould

Features of plastic bottle cap mould
(1) Multi-cavity point: There are mature technologies from 4 cavities to 32 cavities. The simplified hot runner is reliable and low cost.
(2) High efficiency: It adopts a simplified dispensing type hot runner, no glue mouth waste, and the cycle reaches 5 seconds.
(3) High service life: The cavities are made of high-quality mold steel, heat-treated HRC52, and the key core parts can reach HRC60. The mold guide post and guide sleeve use oil-free lubrication, no pollution, and the service life can reach ten million times.
(4) Special design of the knife edge: the unscrewing ring knife edge adopts a split structure, the blade is not deformed, the positioning is accurate and easy to replace, the mold is closed without pressure, and the service life is long. Overcome the defects of poor positioning accuracy of the overall blade, easy to run, easy to damage, and short life.

16 Cavity Plastic Injection Cap Mold

Cap Mold Feature

1.Interchangeable insert is available for easy maintenance and long mould life.

2.Each cavity and core have independent cooling system, shortening production cycle time and getting high production efficiency.

3.Export standard mould; we are honest on steel material and mould components.

4.Testing mould and cap before shipping to your country, and we supply spare parts for you in one year if damage.

5.Tooling Machine is from Japan, which is good at precision machining to ensure low eccentricity.