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Function and Structure of Injection Machine

Injection molding refers to use the pressure to intrude melted plastic into the closed mould through a heated barrel and take out the products when the mould opens. The Injection Machine consists of the following parts.

(1) Injection Unit

Injection unit is the main part of injection molding machine and there are mainly 3 kinds of injection unit- plunger type, screw type, screw pre-plastic plunger injection type. In a production cycle, the injection unit helps to heat the plastic material and intrude it into the mould through barrel at a certain pressure and speed, which is called an injection motion.

(2) Clamping Unit

Clamping unit works to assure the mold close and open in the right way and inject products. In the same time, it gives the mould enough clamping force when the mould closes, which keeps balance against the force the melting plastics bring when intruded into the mould.

(3) Hydraulic Drive Unit

Hydraulic drive unit offers motive power for every motions of the whole production cycle and helps to assure the appropriate pressure, speed and pressure. It is made up of hydraulic parts and hydraulic auxiliary element.

(4) Electric Control Unit

Electric control unit cooperates with hydraulic unit to realize the requirements of whole injection molding process and all kinds of motions.

(5) Heating and Cooling Unit

The heating unit mainly aims at heating the barrel and injection nozzle. The cooling unit aims at cooling the oil temperature. If the oil temperature is too high, the machine will break down in different ways.

(6) Lubricating Unit

Lubricating unit refers to the circuit to offer oil to moving template, mould adjusting device connecting rod hinge and other moving parts. The lubrication can be regular manual lubrication or automatic electric lubrication.

(7) Safety Monitoring System

Safety monitoring system is aimed to protect operators, which consists of safe door, hydraulic valve, limit switch, photoelectric detection element. It will set alert when unusual conditions appear to the oil temperature, material temperature, system overload and other device breakdown.