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How about Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

A horizontal injection molding machine is a type of plastic processing machine that is used to create plastic products by injecting molten plastic into a mold. It consists of a horizontal injection unit, which is responsible for injecting the molten plastic into the mold, and a clamping unit, which holds the mold in place during the injection process.
In a horizontal injection molding machine, the injection unit is mounted on a horizontal axis and the clamping unit is mounted on a vertical axis. This configuration allows the machine to produce a wide range of products with different shapes and sizes.
Horizontal injection molding machines are typically used for producing large and complex plastic products, such as automotive parts, electronic devices, and household appliances. They are also used for producing multi-component products, such as plastic containers with multiple cavities or products with insert molding.
Advantages of horizontal injection molding machines include high production speeds, precision and accuracy, and the ability to produce large and complex products. They are also more energy efficient and require less floor space than vertical injection molding machines.
Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine Details
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