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How Can Injection Molding Manufactures Win Profits

Most products in the injection molding industry bring few profits. Manufacturer has to increase production and lower labor costs to obtain great profit margins. At a time when labor costs are rising and more peers appear, “the questions how to occupy a larger market space; how to reduce unit labor costs; how to increase profit margins” have become a problem that every entrepreneur in the injection molding industry is considering.

The simplest method is to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.For example, a worker and one machine could produce 2,000 pieces of products previously. But now the production capacity is increased. A worker and one machine can produce up to 4,000 products, which means that one worker’s cost is saved every day.

The saved profits in the long run can’t be underestimated. More products will be produced in the same state. As the market spreads, you will gradually occupy a greater part in the market.

For each customer, we can offer a refined solution. With the help of Big Data analysis, on the base of the result from big data analysis, we can refine the parameter and help to guide our customer transfer from tradition factory into an intellectualized unmanned factory and focus on the information of sample product and chosen material, to design the optimal machine and offer a refined solution design, including production cycle time and average weight deviation. If we add the increase in production capacity, there is no doubt that there’s a big increase in the number of products and profit margins per month.

As time passed, the business is no longer easy to start and run. Entrepreneur who wants to boost their market, keeps considering and contemplating how to increase productivity and reduce labor cost. A good choice of Injection Machine does help a lot.