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How the filling machine works

How the filling machine works
With the rapid development of science and technology, the function of filling machine as one of the important production equipment in light industry is becoming more and more powerful. The design is reasonable, the structure is simple, and the operation is convenient. Today, I will talk to you about the working principle of the filling machine.
(1) Transmission principle: The motor transmits the power to the worm gear shaft of the reducer through the pulley, and then the worm gear shaft transmits the power to the dial shaft, the filling part and the capping head through each gear. The filling part, the capping head and each dial move synchronously, and the power is transmitted to the bottle feeding dial device through the bevel gear.
(2) The principle of the filling part: the oral liquid bottle is sent to the transition dial by the bottle feeding dial, and then sent to the synchronous belt by the transition dial. Under the control of the tracking mechanism, the needle is inserted into the bottle mouth and moves forward synchronously with the bottle to realize tracking filling. The submerged needle rises with the rise of the liquid level and plays a role in defoaming.
(3) Cap supplying system: It consists of cap feeding track, cap sorting head and cap wearing mechanism. The capping head adopts the principle of electromagnetic spiral oscillation, arranges the messy caps in a line, and enters the capping track through the reversing twist channel.
(4) Capping head: After the oral liquid bottle is put on the cap and enters the capping head turntable, the three open knives will take the bottle as the center, rotate forward with the turntable, and press the cap under the control of the cam. Under the action of the tapered sleeve, the rolling knife is rolled to the cover at the same time. After rolling, it leaves the cover at the same time and returns to its original position.
The above is a detailed introduction to the working principle of the filling machine, so it can be seen from the entire working process of the equipment that once a problem occurs in one place, it will affect the operation of the entire equipment. Therefore, everyone should do a good job of inspection before each startup and use of the device to ensure that the device can be started and used normally.