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How to deal with the phenomenon of floor leakage in the filling machine?

First of all, after the filling machine is closed for use, the phenomenon of floor leakage occurs. After the filling machine completes production, the floor leakage phenomenon occurs, and the operation should be carried out from the following aspects:
1. Check whether the orifice of the filling nozzle is damaged or not. You can take out the filling nozzle and trim the orifice. The diameter of the orifice should be less than 7.5mm. After repairing the aperture, lightly smooth the aperture plane on the water abrasive paper.
2. Check whether the ball valve in the filling head is damaged, and replace the ball valve if it is damaged.
Second, after the filling machine is turned on, the crank does not run normally, what should I do?
The upper fixing rod of the filling machine is on the lower side, and the inner and outer tubes are topped firmly when the syringe is pushed, so that the crank cannot be rotated. If the inner and outer tubes are not clean and stuck tightly when the syringe is assembled, the syringe needs to be removed for cleaning. Observe that the injection system is not loaded into the bearing part. To make it not work properly, it must be reinstalled.
Third, the filling machine fails with capacity error, or the capacity error is large, what kind of adjustment needs to be made?
There is air in the liquid pipe of the filling machine, press the foot switch more to exhaust. The liquid inlet pipe is not tightly sealed and there is air leakage, and the connecting pipe is clamped. The operation or filling speed is too fast, and the speed should be slowed down appropriately. The liquid level of the material tank is low, and the liquid level should be 1.52 meters. When filling large sizes, the feeding tank is insufficient, causing the liquid level to be unstable. You can increase the feeding amount or re-close the ball valve above the small filling head to reset the filling time (extended).

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