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How to maintain the filling machine?

Many filling machine manufacturers or sellers, when promoting their own filling machines, will reassure users that how good the quality of their own filling machines is, there is no problem with using them for ten or twenty years. . Indeed, some of the high-quality filling machines of some big brands are easy to use and very durable.
But this does not mean that it will take that long, it depends not only on the production quality of the filling machine, but also on whether the people who use it can operate it safely and whether they can perform it regularly. Maintenance and inspection.
Only factories that operate in accordance with the normal operating instructions and regularly overhaul the filling machine can really prolong the service life of the filling machine. Then maintain the filling machine, the following operations can never be saved.

Frequent inspection of filling machine parts
The filling machine is not small in size, but no matter how large the machine is, it is assembled by splicing and assembling small parts. We may not care about it on weekdays, but once a problem occurs, it is absolutely necessary to start from these small parts. Parts start checking.
Instead of knowing the maintenance when there is a problem, it is better to "be prepared for danger" and do a good job in daily inspection of the parts of the filling machine, so as to ensure the safe use of the filling machine. How to check it?
1. Pay attention to the screw parts
A loose screw in the filling machine is likely to cause the paralysis of the entire filling machine. Therefore, it is very necessary for the operator to check whether the screw visible to the naked eye is loose when performing daily inspections.
2. Whether there is dry burning
If you want the filling machine to work normally, you must ensure that the oil volume of the filling machine is sufficient. If the oil meter has already indicated that the oil is about to run out, and you do not refuel in order to catch up with the workload, and the situation of dry burning occurs, it is very Dangerous, so doing a good job of checking the oil quantity is an item that we must check every time we operate the filling machine every day.
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