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How to repair the injection molding machine?

After the injection molding machine motor starts, the pressure gauge has pressure   
(1): The magnifying board is broken. Use a multimeter to measure whether there is current passing, and repair the amplifier board.  
(2): The overflow valve is stuck. Remove the overflow valve to check and clean the overflow valve.

After the injection molding machine is turned on for a period of time, the oil pump sounds loudly. Troubleshooting
(1): The quality of the suction pipe is not good. Remove the filter to check whether it is deformed. Whether the suction pipe is stratified. Replace the oil pipe and filter screen.
(2): The filter is not clean. Whether there are too many impurities in the hydraulic oil. Clean the filter.
(3): Oil pump wear: check the oil pump oil pan and rotor end surface. Replace the oil pump.

Crawling fault handling of injection molding machine  
(1): Poor lubrication conditions. "Pause—Slide—Pause" appears. Increase the amount of lubrication.
(2): The system is immersed in air. Exhaust is required.
(3): Reasons for mechanical rigidity. Parts are worn and deformed, causing changes in friction and creeping. Replace parts.  

Analysis of the Causes of Hydraulic Oil Pollution in Injection Molding Machines  
Cause oil pollution:
(1): Air is mixed in the oil. The main banquet is due to poor tightness of pipe joints, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic cylinders. It is manifested by air bubbles on the fuel tank.
(2): Water is mixed into the oil. Makes the oil milky white. The main reason is that the cooler is leaking.
(3): Solid impurities are mixed in the oil. Mainly chips, welding slag, rust flakes and metal powder.
(4): Gelatinous substances are produced in the oil. The main feature is that the seal is eroded by the oil or the oil is deteriorated, causing the oil to produce a gelatinous substance, which often blocks the small holes. 
Troubleshooting of loud noise when the injection molding machine is opened
(1): The proportional linearity is poor, and the position of the mold opening and closing time is poorly adjusted. Check the ramp up and down of the amplification board, adjust the ramp up and down of the amplification board, and adjust the time appropriately.
(2): The lubrication of the hinges of the clamping machine is poor. Check the lubrication of the collar, the second plate and the sliding feet of the machine hinge, and increase the lubrication.
(3): Mold clamping force is too large, check the clamping force when the mold is stressed, and reduce the clamping force according to the user's product condition.
(4): The deviation of the parallelism of the head and two plates, check the parallelism of the head and two plates. Adjust the parallel error of the second board and the head board.
(5): The position of slow turning and fast mold opening is too small, and the speed is too fast. Check whether the position of slow mold opening to fast mold opening is appropriate, and whether the slow mold opening speed is too fast. Lengthen the slow mold opening position and reduce the slow mold opening speed. 

Trouble shooting out of control of the ejector pin when the injection molding machine is semi-automatic
(1): The thimble board is broken, check whether the circuit is normal and the normal voltage is DV24V. Repair the thimble board.
(2): The line is broken, check the switch connection line, and the connection line on the I/O board. Check the wiring and rewire

Troubleshooting of injection molding machine without thimble movement  
(1): The thimble limit switch is broken, check the DC24V line with a multimeter. Replace the thimble limit switch.
(2): For the stuck valve, use a hexagonal spoon to press whether the spool of the needle can be moved, and clean the pressure valve
(3): The thimble limit rod is broken, take out the limit rod by hand after stopping the machine, and replace the limit rod.
(4): The thimble switch is short-circuited, check the 0 voltage of the thimble switch to ground with a multimeter, and replace the thimble switch.

Manual termination with mold opening, semi-automatic termination without mold opening
(1): The mold opening valve is leaking. After shooting the table manually, observe that the second plate moves back quickly, and replace the mold opening valve.
(2): Improper adjustment of the ramp up and down of the amplification board, check the amplification slope for a long time, readjust the ramp time of the amplification board.  

The injection molding machine cannot be used for high pressure when clamping the mold, and the stroke is exceeded. Troubleshooting   
(1): The limit switch exceeds the limit, check whether the mold adjustment is appropriate, and adjust the appropriate mold thickness.  
(2): The hydraulic limit exceeds the stroke, check whether the mold adjustment is appropriate, and adjust the mold forward appropriately. 
Troubleshooting of the injection molding machine's poor clamping   
(1): Improper adjustment of holes A and B. Set the system flow rate to 20 and pressure to 99, observe whether the clamping action is crawling, and readjust it.  
(2): There is air in the oil circuit, listen to whether there is air in the oil circuit, and it needs to be exhausted.  
(3): The ramp-up and ramp-down adjustment of the amplifying board is improper. Observe whether the current value of the ammeter is consistent with the rising and falling speed, and adjust the amplifying board.  

When the injection molding machine is locked, only the mold opening action is faulty.   
(1): Connect the wrong wire, check if there is 24VDC to the valve, check the wire and connect it.  
(2): The valve is stuck or the wrong spool is installed, check whether the spool is installed wrongly or blocked, reinstall the spool or clean it.  
The above solutions can only play a certain role, and may not be able to solve it from the root, and some measures will increase the manufacturing cost, such as increasing the diameter of the tie rod, using good materials, etc., so to some extent depends on the manufacturer's choice. For the use of a fully hydraulic clamping structure, it is a better choice to solve the problem of broken tie rods. However, due to the slow speed and high energy consumption of the traditional hydraulic type, after the manufacturers weighed, the toggle type was still the main type of small and medium-sized machines. It was not fundamentally solved until the emergence of the two-plate type.
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