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Important steps in home appliance mold processing

Home appliance moulds allow the use of a variety of materials for production to improve product functionality and aesthetics. However, the current sales of home appliance moulds in China are not very optimistic. The main reason is that the cost of home appliance moulding machines is more expensive than that of monochrome machines. , and the mold design is complex and precise.
The first step is the filling stage. We need to start filling a mold when it is closed until the cavity is filled to 95%. During this period, the injection speed should be controlled within a reasonable range, usually the filling time. The shorter it is, the more efficient it is to form.
The second step is the pressure holding stage. The filling stage is the first step to start the production. As for the pressure holding stage, it is basically the last step. What this stage does is to continuously apply pressure to compact the melt in this way. , Enhance the density of the plastic to resist the shrinkage of the plastic. This stage is also maintained until the end of the plastic molding, and the best effect can be achieved until the gate is cured and sealed.
Recently, domestic plastic processing enterprises have changed their selection of multi-color injection molding equipment. In the past, most of them chose imported models, but now they have begun to purchase domestic models. On the one hand, because imported machines are expensive, maintenance services are inconvenient, and some special requirements cannot be met.
On the other hand, because the development of special models such as domestic large-scale models and two-color machines has become mature, the technical level and the quality of processing and assembly have reached international standards, and can be designed to meet the special needs of customers.