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A Few Tips of the Maintenance of Labeling Machine

The wide application of the Labeling Machine in all walks of life has laid a foundation for the development of modern labeling technology. Nowadays, enterprises no longer stick to the traditional way of labeling, but labeling as one of the outer packaging of goods. The frequent and high-intensity use of the labeling equipment will inevitably cause some damage to the labeling machine, so how should the labeling machine be maintained?

1. Regular cleaning and lubrication

Labeling machine in the process of use, will inevitably accumulate dust, regular power off cleaning is the right choice, can also be covered with a dust cloth. Especially the labeling machine that does not use for a long time should maintain so more. It ensures that the machine's performance so that its quality of operation can be maintained.

2. Adjust parts and components

The labeling machine is mainly adjusted out of the bottle star wheel and into the bottle screw can be, the main adjustment of its position and screw can be. The aim is to keep it close to the bottle, but without causing any movement during operation.

3. Adjust the label box

It is very important to adjust the label box. You should pay special attention to the centerline of the label box to ensure that it is not deflected. The gap between the box and the layer, try not to exceed 1 cm, the larger the spacing, the easier the paper will shift. Also, you should pay attention to the adjustment of the label supply roller to ensure that the label is not broken. If the label is pressed, it is easy to cause material loss, which will bring huge losses to the enterprise.

Any equipment that is not used for a long time or frequently needs special repair and maintenance, so as not to affect the use time and production efficiency of the equipment. In particular, the labeling.