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Common faults of liquid filling machines and how to solve them

Filling machines are mainly a small class of products in packaging machines. From the perspective of packaging materials, they can be divided into liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines, and granular filling machines; from the degree of automation of production It is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling production line. Recently, with the QS certification of food, food processing manufacturers have begun to pay attention to product quality and packaging. Therefore, more and more manufacturers use various filling machines. Liquid filling machines are more of a type of filling in the food industry. Installed.

Large accuracy errors in the filling process
1. The filling error is mainly determined by the filling volume, filling speed, and the opening and closing speed of the upper and lower valves. The opening and closing speed of the upper and lower valves is related to the viscosity of the product. The greater the viscosity, the slower the opening and closing speed of the valve.
2. The spring pressure of the adjustment valve of the liquid filling machine should be determined by trial filling measurement and the experience of the operator.
3. Adjusting the opening and closing speed of the valve mainly adjusts the spring pressure of the valve. As the spring pressure increases, the opening and closing speed of the valve will increase.

The liquid filling machine has no response at startup and cannot work normally
1. Turn off the power first, check whether it is a line problem, and check the fuse.
2. Release the emergency stop button, and then start the machine again.
3. Check whether the switching power supply part has power.
4. Check whether the connection between the touch screen of the machine and the PLC communication line is intact.

When the liquid filling machine material does not go down and cannot be filled.
1. Check if the feed nozzle is closed and restart the machine.
2. Check whether the air pressure is normal, and whether the injection cylinder and cylinder are leaking.
3. The material reaches the low limit and is not enough to fill the corresponding container.

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