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Common problems of filling machine

The application of the filling machine has crossed many different industries, and is now used as the main production equipment in many enterprises, and the production efficiency it can bring is directly related to the cost of people’s production and the corresponding If the filling machine fails or has a problem during use, it will undoubtedly bring huge economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, the common problem handling method of the filling machine should be handled by every filling machine operator. understand.

For example, in the production process, many filling machines should have encountered such situations as the filling volume of the filling machine is inaccurate, or the material is not discharged. We should also find ways to effectively solve this.

Check the throttle valve
If you find that the filling machine is not discharging, or the correct filling volume is clearly set, but the actual discharging is not accurate, you can first check whether the speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve are opened correctly If the status is accidentally closed, it will directly affect the filling and discharging situation.

Check the three-way valve
Checking the quick-release three-way control valve is also one of the common problems of the filling machine, because this position is easy to enter air or foreign objects, and once such problems occur, they will also affect the filling and discharge. You can see if there is air or foreign matter in the three-way valve and the skin tube of the corresponding filling head. If there is, you should clean and suck as much as possible to restore the filling and discharge of the equipment. normal.
These are very common and very practical methods for dealing with common problems of filling machines. Everyone learns and can use them immediately if there is a problem with the equipment.

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