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How about Bottle Machines

Bottle machines can refer to various types of machines that are designed to manufacture or handle bottles in some way. Here are a few examples:
Bottle-making machines: These machines are used to create bottles from raw materials, such as glass or plastic. They typically use a molding process to shape the bottle and can produce a large volume of bottles quickly.
Bottle-filling machines: These machines are used to fill bottles with a product, such as soda or shampoo. They can be fully automated or require some level of manual labor, depending on the complexity of the product being filled.
Bottle-labeling machines: These machines are used to apply labels to bottles, such as brand logos or nutritional information. They can be used in conjunction with filling machines or as a separate step in the bottle manufacturing process.
Overall, bottle machines play an important role in the production and distribution of various consumer products that are sold in bottles. They help to ensure that bottles are manufactured efficiently, filled accurately, and labeled correctly, which ultimately benefits both manufacturers and consumers.