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How to clean up the oil on the liquid filling machine?

Liquid filling machine is a widely used type among various filling machines, but it is also the most difficult to maintain and clean. This is mainly because in most cases, liquid filling machines are used in products such as canned oils or high-sugar beverages, and the biggest feature of these products is stickiness.
Needless to say, oils are sticky and difficult to clean up, and most of the drinks are high-sugar ingredients. When they are dry, they will give people a sticky feeling, which is what we feel in our daily lives. And as a filling machine that fills these liquids every day, it will directly stick to the surface of the filling machine because of the long-term accumulation of high oil or broth sugar, plus the dust in the air during the weekdays. And various gaps.
If you wait for the dust to become more and more sticky, and then deal with it, it will be very difficult to clean. Therefore, these suggestions: liquid filling machine cleans up the oil, it is best to clean it in a short time to avoid the accumulation of oil for too long.
Prepare grease cleaner
The oily stains are sticky and cannot be cleaned with clean water. For the oily stains on the surface of the filling machine, we can use an oily cleaner to wipe it off. The dishwashing detergent that we use daily at home is enough, but here is a point to emphasize, after wiping the surface with detergent, don’t forget to wipe it again with clean water to avoid that the detergent is not clean and there will be residues that will corrode the surface of the machine.
For high-sugar filling machines, generally the surface only needs to be wiped with a wringed semi-dry wet cloth.

About internal cleaning
The cleaning of the oil inside the filling machine needs to be handled by specialized maintenance personnel. This is not something that our ordinary filling machine operators can operate. Therefore, if you need to perform sewage treatment for the inside of the filling machine, you need to ask a professional People can come to clean up.

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