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How to Design a PET Injection Machine

How to Design a PET Injection Machine
A PET Injection machine is used to produce PET. PET is a kind of plastic with high melting point and good fluidity. However, PET requires special molding. Its temperature is very sensitive to water content and mold deformations, so temperature management is required to ensure PET plastic molding.
There are several considerations for the design of a PET molding machine. Injection pressure must be determined according to the material viscosity and the shape of the part being molded. The mold temperature should be kept under the range of 270 to 280 degC. If the barrel temperature is too high, it can cause degradation and a decrease in the mechanical strength of the product.
The machine should be designed with a heavy hydraulics unit. This will ensure maximum output and provide stability. It also prevents excessive wear and tear on the machine. The clamping force of the machine should be greater than 6300t/m2. The clamping force is influenced by the tonnage of the machine.
A reverse cone tip on the nozzle hole is designed to keep molten material from flowing into the flow channel. This allows a smoother transition from the nozzle to the preform and improves transparency. This helps to lower the shearing of the preform. It improves the plasticizing of PET materials and minimizes the effect of heat distortion.
It is important to select the best raw materials for the plastic molding process. It is also essential to avoid chemical leaching. When choosing the right material for a PET product, it is important to choose a supplier that offers a comprehensive service to help protect the environment. In order to do this, check the quality of the materials before importing them. It is important to choose a company that can offer traceability and a warranty.
There are a number of PET Injection machines available. They are similar to other plastic injection molding machines but are specially designed for PET. They feature low inertia, higher ejector force, and self-protection. It is possible to customize the machine to meet your requirements. Various options can be selected to make the system faster, less expensive, and more energy-efficient.
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