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How to Judge the Strength of the Bottle Labeling Machines

There are many manufacturers of label equipment on the market, each manufacturer has a certain strength, and it is impossible to judge its quality from the propaganda of the merchants alone. The manufacturer is different from the general agent sales manufacturers, has an independent processing line workshop, and regularly update the processing and production technology, plant facilities also have a certain scale. So how can we fully judge the strength of the bottle Labeling Machine Manufacturer ?

1. Credentials

With the rapid propagation and development of online sales channels, many unknown brand owners also have more sales opportunities. Even a lot of enterprises are labeled equipment, the source of goods is unknown, the quality of equipment is not guaranteed. Therefore, the choice of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, three certificates of manufacturers more reliable, pay attention to the authenticity of the certificate.

2. Official website and telephone

Normal bottle labeling machine manufacturers have a professional official website, and 400 telephone consultations, in the early stage of the network can be framed. This is a corporate image symbol, representing the formal enterprise.

3. There are independent production plants

Normal factory has independent processing workshop, workshop equipment should have, can normally process production. If there is no processing, debugging, assembly shop, etc., it is likely to be the label manufacturer. The address on the business license of the labeled manufacturer may be different from the address of the actual plant. Although it is difficult to judge, it can at least prove that there is a certain problem.

The strength of manufacturers of bottle labeling machine can be judged by referring to the above-related factors, and comprehensive comparison can be made to know its real situation. Although the purchase of equipment can not blindly adhere to the big brand, but at least can have the opportunity to think independently.