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​How to maintain automatic filling machinery?

1. The filling machine is a whole series of automatic machines, so the dimensions of easy-pull bottles, bottle pads and bottle caps are required to be unified.

2. Before starting production, you must use the panel manual mode (jog/handle joystick) to test the machine to see if there is any abnormality in its rotation, and then start production after confirming that it is normal.

3. When adjusting the machine, use proper tools. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools, use excessive force to disassemble parts and knock parts hard to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance of the machine.

4. Every time the machine is adjusted, the loose screws must be tightened, and the machine can be turned with the handle to check whether the action meets the requirements before the production can be resumed.

5. The machine must be kept clean. It is strictly forbidden to have oil stains, liquid chemicals or glass fragments on the machine to avoid damage to the machine, so it must:

(1) During the production process, the machine should be kept clean, and the dirt such as chemical liquid or glass fragments should be treated in time.

(2)Clean the surface of the machine once before the shift, and add the correct label and clean lubricating oil to the refueling place of each moving part.

(3) It should be scrubbed once a week, especially the places that are not easy to be cleaned in normal use or blown with compressed air.

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