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How to maintain the liquid filling machine?

The correct maintenance of the liquid filling machine can prolong the service life of the machine, but some wrong practices can cause damage to the machine. Should we avoid those irregular operations in order to ensure the stability of the machinery and improve work efficiency?

    1. After the liquid filling machine is used, the fixed screws should be removed when the piston is removed during maintenance to avoid affecting the entire cleaning process. Use clean water to flush away the residues in the piston and pipeline in time to keep them clean, so as to ensure the filling quality for the next use.
     2. Because the cylinder has been lubricated before leaving the factory, please do not open or add extra lubricating oil to ensure that the surface of the filling machine is clean and hygienic. Power off when it is not working.
     3. Check the fixing condition of the various parts of the liquid filling machine when starting up, keep the structure compact and the parts fixed, and extend the service life, otherwise the service life will be shortened.
     4. If you find that the machine is abnormal when it is working, you should immediately cut off the power supply and correct the abnormality before continuing to use it.
     5. When using in winter, if the temperature is below 0°C, hot water must be used to melt the icy matter in the quantitative pump and the pipeline. If it does not melt, the cylinder may be broken and cannot be used, or the machine cannot be started.

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