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Knowledge about Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

Automatic Labeling Machine is divided into fully automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic. The semi-automatic labeling machine is simple in structure, convenient and practical, which brings convenience to the production of the majority of enterprises. But this kind of equipment, stick round bottle, stick flat or not, the general speed is not high, is why?

First of all, it is decided by the structural characteristics of the semi-automatic labeling machine. In the labeling work, the label belt is pulled out from the reel by the motor, arrives at the position of the label sensor, and then passes through several balance rollers to the position of the label stripping board, the bottom paper is stripped, and finally transferred to the object to be attached. In the process of transporting this tag, an open ring displacement control is adopted on the reel to keep the tag position. The tags are closely connected to the tag strip, so the tag strip must be paid together and stop continuously. The speed of transmission is not very high, between the start and stop, it takes time.

Secondly, the speed of the semi-automatic labeling machine is matched according to the requirements. This kind of characteristic, most is suitable in the small-batch, many kinds, the efficiency request is not high in the product production, especially applies in the small and medium-sized enterprise flexible changeable demand. It can paste 15-40 pieces per minute, which is enough for most small batch production.

Thirdly, in the product structure of the labeling machine industry, if high efficiency is required, automatic labeling equipment can be selected, which can reach hundreds or hundreds of labeling actions per minute. This kind of equipment is completely different from semi-automatic equipment in structure.

In general, semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine or semi-automatic flat labeling machine is only suitable for small-batch, changing labeling requirements, and the labeling speed is not high. But also improve the quality of labeling, reduce labor costs, also has a wide range of applications.