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Labeling Machine On The Road To High-end Internationalization

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the packaging industry and rapid development, China's labeling machine has become one of the most promising fields in the machinery industry.However, in the face of strong competitive pressure from abroad, the development of domestic labeling machines must rely on transformation and upgrading.Foreign packaging industry relies on scientific and technological innovation, with digitalization and intelligence as the key, to seize the commanding heights of international competition, improve the key competitiveness of economic development, and seek the initiative of future development.On the other hand, China's packaging industry as a whole has a low level of science and technology, a cluster of medium and low-end enterprises, and severe overcapacity in the industry, which forms a sharp contrast with foreign countries.

The level of intelligent of labeling machine industry with its breadth and depth of application, the current labeling machine is still at a low level of intelligent primary stage, the continued development of the domestic packaging industry demand for intelligent position high, which means that it is necessary to also have the ability to meet the needs of specific application of strength development of advanced intelligent labeling machine technology.

According to the national conditions of the development of suitable labeling machine, accelerate the replacement of equipment, further develop the domestic and international markets. The domestic labeling machine production industry must speed up the transformation and upgrading, vigorously improve the automation and intelligence level of products, with more high-end products and equipment to meet the market, truly on the road to high-end internationalization.There are both opportunities and challenges for the development of the labeling machine industry. Domestic manufacturers need to pay attention to the upgrading of technology and equipment to gain the ability and advantages to participate in the international competition.

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