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The Structure and Basic Technology of Labeling Machine

As the name suggests, the label machine is of course used to label, it is the mechanism and the basic process of other mechanical equipment is not the same, relatively will be a little more complex, so when using it, we must first understand well, so as to "know the enemy, win a hundred battles". Even if there is any fault can also be handy to solve, the following small series to introduce the structure of the label machine and the basic process is how:

The basic process of labeling machine: (1) Take the label by taking the label from the label box. Mainly to ensure that the bidding quantity meets the requirements. (2) Label transfer the label to the label unit. Usually in the process of marking, the completion of the printing code, glue and other work. (3) Printing code on the label on the production date, product batch and other Numbers. (4) Glue on the back of the label with adhesive. The work is mainly accomplished by the gluing mechanism. The label adheres to the specified position of the container. Roll and iron the labels glued to the surface of the container by rolling and iron, so that it is further affixed, eliminate wrinkles, warping, roll up and other defects, so that the label affixed smooth, smooth, firm.

Structure of labeling machine: supply and transport of containers. The general situation is at the same time using the guide groove and transport screw, or transport star wheel and reciprocating plunger to arrange the container, and with the timer to supply the labeling machine labeling part. The operation mode of the container in the labeling machine can be divided into two modes: moving while turning and moving only without turning. The former use sub prestigeous-shaped container labeling, and the latter can not only be used for the labeling of round simple containers, but also for the labeling of special-shaped containers. In order to make the labels stick better after labeling the flat special-shaped containers, the method of pressing labels on the containers is often adopted. Corresponding container transport methods also have continuous type and intermittent type two.

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