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What are the failures of the automatic baler

What are the failures of the automatic packing machine? This article will take you to understand the reasons for the failure of the automatic packing machine

What are the failures of the automatic baler? As we all know, as long as it is mechanical equipment, it will definitely fail, especially our fully automatic baler. Failure will affect the production efficiency, which is a very headache. So what are the failures of the fully automatic baler?

The automatic baler is one of the baler series. Compared with the semi-automatic baler, it realizes the fully automated operation of the baler.

This type of machine adopts a fully automated design on the basis of the original baler, which is easier to operate and has stronger durability. It is an ideal baler. Generally speaking, the more common faults of the baler are as follows: 1 .The jamming phenomenon is mainly manifested as the belt is stuck in the middle of the rollers and cannot run, or there is a foreign body that cannot be taken out, resulting in the jam. Packing Machine At this time, a technician or operator is required to disassemble the washer of the hexagonal nut and loosen the middle connection. The two M5 countersunk screws on the shaft center, because these two screws are fixed in the gap part of the connecting shaft center, the screws must be turned up; remove the connecting shaft center, pick up the upper turbine, and take out the stuck object. It is enough to restore the machine to its original appearance, and you can do better with simple operation.

2. The strapping machine does not cut the straps after strapping. Generally, the reason for this is that the straps are too tight. The operator needs to adjust the tightness.

3. The strapping machine does not output the tape. This kind of failure is quite common. The operator should check whether the "Adjust the tape length" is at "0", and then see if the threading process is correct; if not, see if there is a jam near the delivery roller Live in a foreign body.