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What are the main points of the liquid filling machine?

If you find the most suitable liquid filling machine for you, there are many aspects to consider. We believe that the most important ones include 5 key points: liquid product viscosity, container type, required filling rate, filling volume, and what type of metering and filling system truly meets your needs.

       Product viscosity
To determine the liquid filling solution that meets your needs is first to understand the basic principles of the product. To know the viscosity of the product you are filling, whether it is semi-viscous or extremely thick, heavy-viscous product. This will help you determine possible equipment solutions, or those options that are now outside the usability range due to product viscosity. Product viscosity affects several aspects; your metering system type, fill rate, and some other important variables in the production equation. Accurately identifying product viscosity is an important step in the right direction.

       Container type
When trying to find quality equipment options, the type of container you are filling is also very important. In short, whether you are filling glass or plastic, round or square, high or short, small or large opening, stable or unstable bottle, these are just some problems of the container type, which may affect the development and development of liquids. Design the filling system.

       Fill rate
A bigger question in production is "how many containers can be filled per minute/hour/per production shift?" shouldn’t be surprising. So whether it is a single hand-held, semi-automatic machine, or a full-line automatic solution for intermediate products, or fully automatic, the integrated system is the most helpful for you to achieve the required rate. There are other variables that need to be checked when discussing the filling rate. Liquid viscosity, container type, filling volume, and the type of metering system you use all play a role when discussing the overall filling rate.

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