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What are the methods to improve the plasticization and extrusion of plastic machinery?

The effect of the machine in the hands of different technicians is different, which is not the same as the value of the same thing in the hands of different people. We can't just take machine-based production for granted. During the production process, we will understand their working process, the operating conditions of the machine at each time period and the impact of various configuration materials on the performance of the machine. Only by grasping these principles can we call it Be professional.

Some plastic machines only use new primary color granular materials. When the recycled material exceeds 30% of the product ingredient ratio, the extrusion volume is reduced by 20% to 30%; in the product ingredient ratio, toner material When the amount is large, the extrusion volume is reduced by 50 to 60%. Taking into account that the extrusion efficiency is too low, the phenomenon of waiting for materials for a long time, resulting in a long cycle cycle, so no matter how good the other functions and performance of the blow molding machine are, it has seriously affected the production efficiency and caused the production cost to become higher. In particular, double-station hollow blow molding and large hollow blow molding machines require a lot of material storage and a long waiting time, so they cannot fully play their role. Use masterbatch particles in the raw materials instead of toner materials, the effect is better. But for blow molding machine users, the first is the high cost of using color master particles, and the second is that the hollow plastic products have a large variety of products and the unit quantity is small. It is impossible to use color master particles for each product instead of toner materials.

Improving machine performance is to create more benefits for the enterprise.
These points are summed up by our technology and hope to help you:

1. Due to the low extrusion efficiency due to the use of recycled materials and toner-containing product ingredients, which seriously affects the production of some products, it is recommended that blow molding machine manufacturers consider how to improve the use of toner-containing materials when developing blow molding machines. Plasticizing and extrusion capabilities of materials and recycled materials.

2. Optimize the flow channel structure of the die head: due to the dead angle of the structure of some flow channels, it is easy to cause two long stains on the parting line of the hollow blow molded product with low light color. When producing light-colored products such as primary colors, yellow, and milky white, it is required that there is no other coloring on the hollow blow molded products produced, and the inside of the machine head must be cleaned very clean. However, the total washing machine time is as long as 12-18 hours, sometimes even longer, and the time to remove stains is about 2/3 of the entire washing machine time, which greatly increases the washing machine color change cost. If you wash the machine frequently, it will be even more overwhelming.More about:China Injection Molding Machine for sale