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What are the ways to maintain and repair the bottle blowing machine

After the bottle blowing machine is used for a period of time, irregular maintenance of the equipment may cause equipment failure and reduce efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and repair the equipment regularly to effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

1. No feeding at the feeding layer: several situations need to be checked: if there is no feeding in the hopper, if yes: feeding must be done quickly. No: Make sure that the control contactor of the hoist is energized. If it is energized, quickly check whether the motor Bottle Blowing Machine is energized and without load, because in this case, the lifting belt may be stuck in the preform (preform). An easy way is to do this manually. Please help to lift it up. If it has been confirmed that the control contactor of the elevator is not energized, please check whether the electronic ophthalmic reflector for preform inspection is not straight.

2. Send the old card to the paper tray: This situation is more troublesome, and according to our experience, if the length of the preform (blank) is longer and the weight is heavier, this phenomenon is relatively rare.

3. After blowing the bottle, it cannot be taken out of the mold. Open the mold first, then open and close the mold manually. If it is normal, perform a dry run. Check the exhaust time setting. If the exhaust setting is normal and the blow fails every time, then it can be determined that the exhaust valve is the problem. Open the exhaust valve to check the condition of the spring and seal it. (Another symptom of this failure is that the exhaust sound is loud or the exhaust is dirty). Many molds are produced normally, so if you encounter a mold opening by mistake, check whether the clamping pin has a split screw. Also check whether the clamping force is too large. If it is too large, it must be re-adjusted according to the standard.

4. Whether the bottle always clamps the manipulator in the wrong position.

In short, in the process of using the bottle blowing machine, in order to better use the equipment, the equipment must be maintained in strict accordance with the specified work and regular inspections and timely repairs, so that the equipment can work better.