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What is the structure of the automatic packaging machine


With the advancement of science and technology, traditional industries have fully developed into automation. People's living standards have been greatly improved. The use and technology of packaging machines have been improved. The use of automation technology reduces the professional skills requirements of operators. So do you know what the structure of the automatic packaging machine is like?

The structure of the automatic packaging machine is reasonable and the performance is reliable. The automatic packaging machine adopts double synchronous belts to pull the film, which is tensioned by a cylinder, and automatically corrects deviations.

The scope of application of the automatic packaging machine: instant noodles, ice cream, biscuits, wafer biscuits, egg yolk pie, egg rolls, bread, sausage, seaweed, frozen food, medicine, medicine board, infusion bag (bottle), soap, soap, mosquito coil, Packaging of fixed objects such as paper towels, toilet paper, cards, tape, disposable tableware (knives and forks).

Automatic packaging machine function:

1. Adaptive software, with functions such as automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of fall, over-tolerance alarm, and fault self-diagnosis.

2. The automatic Packing Machine has high measurement accuracy, stable performance, digital display, and easier and faster operation.

3. Imported sensors and pneumatic actuators are adopted, which are reliable in operation, simple in maintenance and no pollution.

4. It adopts double scale body and high-speed metering system, which can be used alternately or synchronously, with high working efficiency.

5. The casing adopts the plastic spraying process, and the parts in contact with the material are made of imported stainless steel, which has good fluidity, high sanitary standards, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long equipment life.

In addition, some additional configurations are indispensable on the fully automatic packaging machine, such as the date and batch number coding machine, the configuration of various feeding systems, the structure design of the middle seal, the inflation configuration, etc., there are many additional configurations Come to assist our fully automatic packaging machine to work. In this way, the various anti-counterfeiting packages appearing in shopping malls are the result of our full-automatic packaging machine development efforts, which can not only ensure the uniqueness of the manufacturer’s brand, but also ensure that consumers can recognize the product logo when buying. Buy products that you can rest assured.