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Petblowingmachine Teach You Choose A Proper Injection Machine

For injection molding machine purchaser and user, it’s the first agenda to know how to choose a qualified injection molding machine. You need to assess from many aspects and then choose and use in a reasonable way. The assessment standard are as follows.

I. The technical parameter should be reasonable

You can compare from longitudinal or horizontal ways. For longitudinal way, it means whether the parameter accords with the industry standard. For horizontal way, it means to compare with the parameters of injection molding machine of same kind at home and abroad.

II. The stability, reliability, safety and use life

The stability means that the clamping unit and injection system run steadily or not. Reliability and use life mainly refers to the system reliability of the clamping unit, which concerns the structure, size, material and its heat treatment process of template, pulling rod and connecting rod.

III. High-degree automation, complete function and high efficiency

High efficiency means that the cycle time is shorter in the normal standard of each injection circuit. This reflects the comprehensive performance index of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system. Thus, the qualified hydraulic, electrical unit should be applied to assure the precision. This is the reliable guarantee for the high efficiency.

IV. Energy saving and environmental protection

Energy-saving mainly reflects in its higher water-saving and electricity-saving ability than the machine of the same kind in the same condition of driving system, heating system and thermolysis system.

V. Man-machine dialogue ability and maneuverability

The operation and management of injection molding machine should be more humanized, easier and clearer. It should be equipped with the function of parameter choosing, product quality controlling, storage of mould data as well as the reappearing of each data. The treatment to the failure can be quickly achieved, to reduce the wasted of material and quickly restore the system to normal working.

VI. Convenient machine maintenance

The assembly position of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic unit should be easy for the maintenance and repair of the machine. At the same time, the universalization and standardization also counts a lot for the users.