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Petblowingmachine Tell You What is Filling Machine

The filling machinery is mainly composed of finished water pipes, water storage bags, lifting and filling valves, positioning and assembly. After the bottle is positioned, the filling machine moves up and down under the action of the cylinder and controls the opening and closing of the valve by the bottle mouth limit control. The product water is injected into the bottle through the pipeline and the water bag is filled into the filling valve to ensure the filling accuracy and the liquid level are adjustable, and the filling sealing property is ensured.

Filling machines are used for the packaging industry, mainly for food but for other products as well. These are used to fill either bottles or pouch (bags), depending on the different products.

There are several types of fillers used by the packaging industry, listed below are the most common.

Auger Filling Machines: designed to fill dry powder or grain mixes products, such as flour and sugar. The fillers have a hopper shaped like a cone that holds the product and the dosing controlled by an auger screw which derived by a stepper motor or servo motor. The product is filled into pouch, bottle, cans or cup etc.

Flow Filling Machines: designed for liquids, oils, and thin food products. The filling volume controlled by filling time and gravitation, It is simple and easier to maintain machines but lower filling accuracy.

Piston Pump Filling Machines: it easily handles a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types. While originally designed for filling creams, gels, and lotions these fillers also handle water thin and heavy paste products. Some of the products this machine easily fills are cosmetic creams, heavy sauces, thick shampoo and hair conditioners, honey, hair gels, paste cleaners, and car wax. With simple tool-less cleaning and PLC control system, product changeover is fast and easy making these our most versatile fillers. More click petblowingmachine