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Petblowingmachine Tell You What is the Filling Sealing Machine

Fillers (or filling machines) are used for packaging industry, mainly for food but for other products as well. These are used to fill either bottles or pouch (bags), depending on the different product. The filling machinery is mainly composed of finished water pipes, water storage bags, lifting and filling valves, positioning and assembly. Including Auger Filling Machines, Flow Filling Machines, and Piston Pump Filling Machines.

Filling and sealing machine is a kind of automation equipment which is used to packing various products by different containers or material.For the different industries, there exist many different filling and sealing machine, the main categories of filling sealing machine as below:

Plastic cup or tray filling sealing machine: it have two different type, one is rotary cup filling sealing machine, it adopt the rotary indexing gearbox driving the rotary work plate stepping rotation, to complete empty cup loading, product fill, cup sealing by aluminum foil or plastic film, coding and finished output respectively, it is more compactly and smaller volume, but also lower production (800-1000cups/hour). the other one is liner cup filling sealing machine, it can packing more than 10000cups/hour, it is good choose for the mass production or complicated filled product, such as grain, liquid, paste admixture(filling different products respectively in same cup.)

Bag form filling sealing machine, it can forming the plastic bags, fill the product into formed bag, and sealing the formed bag to packing the products inside, Prevent deterioration , easy to storage , transport , refrigeration , metering etc.

Tube filling sealing machine, It is good equipment for the Daily chemical industry, usually it be used to produce the toothpaste, facial cleanser, skin care products, creams, condiments etc. More information please visit Master Packing Co.,Ltd