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Plastic injection plastic machine work principle

Plastic injection plastic machine Yasho Plastic injection molding machine or plastic injection machine. Others: Thermoplastic plastics or thermosetting materials are used. Plastic molding molds are used. Main molding equipment for various types of plastics.

Separate type, all-electric type. Plastic injection Plastic function Heating plastic, Opposite melting plastic application High pressure, use injection molding mold type cavity.
Plastic injection plastic molding desk-like work principle and operation

Plastic injection plastic machine, threaded rod (or threaded rod) thrust, general plasticization favorable melting state (immediate viscous flow state) plastic injection injection in a favorable model cavity, economic solidification standardized post-acquisition system work process. Injection molding 1 individual circulation process, 1 cycle Main inclusion: Quantitative addition ——Melting plasticization ——Pressure injection——Milling cooling —— After taking out the plastic case, it was re-imitation, and one individual circulation under the progress.

Chain imitation: Imitation rapid approach fixed imitation, and in the presence of a foreign body, systematic transformation, high pressure, general chain.

Advance position in front of the shooting platform: Designated position in front of the shooting platform.

Plastic injection plastic: Multi-stage speed beyond threaded rod, pressure sum stroke, resin injection model cavity at the front end of the threaded rod.

Cooling peace pressure: Apportioned multi-type pressure pressure sum time stage, retention charge tubular pressure force, simultaneous cavity cooling molding.

Cooling Japanese plastic: In-cavity cooling, simultaneous liquid force, threaded rod, threaded rod rotation, general plastic particle forward thrust, threaded rod presence, back pressure restraint, retreat, threaded rod stop, rotation, injection oil Setting pine rod, cooling fee unity.

Retreat after launching platform: Designated position for retreating after firing platform after binding.

Development: Retirement after imitation.

Thimble: Thimble product.

Note Plastic molding method Advantages High efficiency, high efficiency, operability automation, flower color variety, shape can be struck, sizing can be squeezed, sizing, sizing, product easy renewal conversion, ability molding Controls, injection plastic molding suitable for mass production, shape recovery products, etc. molding processing area.

Molding mold, also known as molding mold, electronic eye, main type of injection, plastic molding machine, actual time progressing mold, restraint Japanese mold, measuring mold, mold holding system. Effective and effective insurance

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