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Reasons and solutions for too little extrusion volume of high-speed injection molding machine

1. The cold air has been turned on for a long time, causing the mold surface to be too cold
At this time, we have to check whether the rubber at the exit of the die surface has been plasticized and melted.

2. The boot temperature is too low
At this time, it is necessary to check whether the temperature of each part of the extrusion barrel and the die meets the standard requirements? Although the outside temperature of each part meets the standard, if the heating time is not sufficient, the inside and outside temperatures will be inconsistent; check if there is a heater or thermocouple damaged? If any electrical components are damaged, repair or replace them immediately.

3. Excessive temperature of the extruder barrel or die head, wear of the screw and barrel in the melting section, carbon buildup on the screw, and poor feeding.
Check the sensitivity of the temperature controller and deal with it appropriately. The die head temperature controller should be of higher sensitivity.

4. The drive belt is loose or falling off
The old transmission belt should be replaced immediately, and an idler pulley should be installed if it can be used to adjust the belt tension to prevent the belt from slack and fall off again.

5. There is glue sticking to the screw feeding part
Before shutting down each time, lower the temperature slightly; wait until the screw feed part is completely out of rubber before shutting down; after starting the machine, if the screw is stuck with rubber, clean the screw first. If it is not convenient to clean, you must Use a plastic rod or a wooden rod to squeeze the material under the feed port forcefully to move the rubber sticking to the feed part of the screw forward. At this time, pay attention to the plastic rod or wooden rod being bitten by the screw, or wood chips falling off. , Never use metal rods.

6. There is agglomeration of glue in the throat of the feeding cylinder
The water temperature of the cooling water jacket at the throat junction of the feeding cylinder should be controlled below 40C°. If the filter is clogged, it must be replaced with a new one in time.

7. Back pressure is too low
The phenomenon caused by the back pressure is too low, the discharge is unstable, which can be corrected by increasing the back pressure.

8. The DC motor voltage fluctuates too sharply. A voltage stabilizer should be installed to ensure the stability of the voltage.

9. The rotating speed of the clamping roller is uneven, or the pressure between the rollers is too large
At this time, check whether the clamp stick is eccentric or not? Is the transmission belt worn or loose? When the pressure between the rollers is too low, slippery will occur. Adjust the air pressure or spring to increase the pressure.

10. It is necessary to reduce the proportion of powder mixed, and try not to add recycled materials; if you need to add crushed materials, it is best to make pellets first to stabilize the discharge.