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The Global Market for Packaging Machinery is Projected to Reach US$51.5 Billion by 2025

The global market for Packaging Machinery is projected to reach US$51.5 billion by 2025, driven by the economic value generated by packaging for industrial and consumer goods; and growing interest in robotic packaging automation against a backdrop of growing competition in the FMCG industry and the ensuing pressure to accelerate time-to-market. With increasing purchasing power and consumer spending among the expanding base of middle class population in emerging countries, the FMCG industry is characterized by globalization of brands, expanding footprint smaller unorganized players, overcrowding of me-too brands; intensifying competition, pricing pressures, and greater need for faster product innovations and launches.

All of these factors push up the importance of time-to-market and its role in influencing market competitiveness. Packaging is a critical part of production which influences resource efficiency and ensuring smooth workflow from one process to another is important to eliminate delays and process efficiencies. Investments in automated packaging machinery have therefore become critical capex expenditure for companies. The market also stands to benefit from increasing investments in packaging engineering science and technology. Packaging remains vital for enhancing product shelf life, enabling traceability and providing product and marketing information.

In the consumer goods industry, demand is benefiting from the growing demand for processed and packaged foods and beverages as a result of the `on-the-go` lifestyles of time-poor consumers. Advancements in electronics, computing technologies and rising awareness over the inherent benefits of automation have encouraged conventional industries to embrace integrated packaging machinery solutions. Given the advantages of an automated production line, robotic packaging automation is poised to emerge as the future of packaging in the coming years in both primary and secondary packaging applications.