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Three common problems and troubleshooting methods of flat labeling machines

A labeling machine equipment used in the packaging industry is a flat labeling machine. The flat labeling machine has the characteristics of fast labeling speed and high efficiency, but no matter how perfect a labeling machine is, it will be more or less There are fewer mechanical wear or failure problems, so what are these problems and how to solve them?

Just now we talked about the problem of some mechanical hardware of the flat labeling machine. Everyone knows that the machine has its own corresponding service life, which is wear. The key to determining the length of the service life is the quality of the product, which is the material used. A large part is whether the manufacturers of the equipment have maintained and maintained the equipment in accordance with the regulations.

Generally speaking, there are three common places where the flat labeling machine fails. The hardware is the conveyor belt and the labeling rotation axis, and the software is the system parameter. Then what are the main problems with the conveyor belt of the flat labeling machine What? The problem of the conveyor belt is well understood. Generally, the manufacturer has not carried out production work according to the weight limit parameters of the labeling machine manufacturer. Long-term overload work will eventually cause the conveyor gear to wear and damage, or it may be used by the manufacturer. Environmental factors, the working environment is humid, causing the gears to rust, causing the problem of jamming or stopping of the conveyor belt due to unsmooth conveying and labeling. This kind of problem is easy to avoid as long as we pay a little attention. Regular maintenance and mechanical work according to the specified parameters are very important.

In addition, what is the reason for the damage of the labeling rotating shaft? The reason for this problem is actually the overload of the flat labeling machine. Because the flat labeling machine has been working for a long time for a long time, the higher the temperature in the shaft, the larger the friction coefficient, and finally the leakage The best way to solve the problems of labeling, failure to mark, and re-labeling, is to solve the problem of damage to the rotating shaft of the flat labeling machine, that is, to regularly lubricate the inside and outside of the shaft and parts so that it can work normally.

The third piece, what is the problem caused by the software? When we use the flat labeling machine to adjust the parameters, the labeling machine system itself may be unstable, coupled with the incorrect operation of the later operator, this will cause the system to be garbled and wrong command characters and fail to work. No matter which problem it is, it will ultimately affect the production tasks of the entire production line, so it is extremely important to choose a labeling machine with good quality, high performance and stability.Zhejiang Guolin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou, famous for“Famous Mountain at Sea”, a coastal city in the middle of Zhejiang Province. Our company mainly specializes in hydraulic fittings and related accessories, adhering to the business philosophy of "Customer Orientation, Forge Ahead" to provide our clients with quality services.More about :Labeling Machine