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What are the characteristics of the injection molding machines

   Injection molding machines are also known as injection molding machines or injection machines. Injection molding machine is a main molding equipment that can make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into plastic products of various shapes after processing by using plastic molding molds. According to the different injection molding machines, it can be divided into vertical injection molding machines, horizontal injection molding machines, and all-electric injection molding machines. After the injection molding machine is powered on, it can heat the plastic, and after heating, it slowly melts, and high pressure is applied to the molten plastic to inject it and fill the mold cavity. Many plastic products on the market are now inseparable from the manufacture of
      Injection molding machine, which provides great convenience and help for plastic manufacturing, is a kind of mechanical equipment with excellent performance and popular among customers.

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

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