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What are the classifications of filling machines?

The rapid development of science and technology has brought great convenience to human beings. As one of the many packaging machines, the filling machine has also been sought after by many production enterprises. It is undeniable that the extensive use of filling machines has indeed accelerated the speed of production and improved the efficiency of production, so many production enterprises are just around the corner. What is more confusing is that there are many classifications of filling machines, and I do not know whether there is a packaging machine suitable for enterprise products. Today, let's talk about the classification of filling machines:
      1: Liquid filling machine
       The liquid filling machine, as the name suggests, is for liquid filling. Common liquids that can be filled include wine, laundry detergent, perfume, pesticides, edible oil, lubricating oil, etc., which are widely used. If the factory produces the above types of liquids, you can purchase such a liquid filling machine, which greatly saves manpower and is relatively safe, especially for some irritating and toxic liquids such as lubricating oil and pesticides. It is also necessary to wear a mask during manual operation, and it is easy to spread out, and the speed is relatively slow. With this liquid filling machine, you only need to follow the instructions and do not need to stare at the whole process. In addition, this liquid filling machine has an advantage, that is, when it comes to the packaging size and packaging weight of the product, it can be adjusted according to the specific situation, which is very flexible.
      2: Oil filling machine
Oil filling machine is also a popular filling machine at present. It can also be said to be a kind of liquid filling machine. Because oil is special, and the market for edible oil, peanut oil and soybean oil is also relatively large, many manufacturers It was only gradually that oil fillers and liquid fillers were differentiated, but it turned out to be a wise move. Moreover, after years of technical improvement and optimization, the oil filling machine has realized the flexible deployment of manual operation and manual operation.
      3: Paste filling machine
      In addition to the above two, paste filling machine is also a relatively common filling machine. After all, where there is a demand market, there is a product born. At present, many manufacturers such as medicine, daily chemical, food and other industries have begun to put filling machines into product packaging. There is no doubt that the emergence of paste filling machines has greatly optimized product packaging and ensured quality.

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