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What are the classifications of injection molding machines?

1. Vertical AC/DC injection molding machine series: This model is mainly used for injection molding of connecting wires, various electronic, computer data cables and power plug wires. Plastic injection molding is the mainstay, and the specific applicable model specifications suitable for this product generally range from 15T to 35T. Due to the specific capacity, modulus and configuration of each manufacturer's model, the manufacturer must be asked before purchasing. Arrive at the factory to determine the specific parameters and specifications of the model.

2. C-type injection molding machine series: This machine is vertical clamping and horizontal injection is named because there is no guide column, and the clamping part is an English letter "C". The machine has a complex structure and a large amount of glue. Due to the wide working area without guide posts, it is mainly suitable for injection molding of various safety power plugs, such as French plugs, American plugs, and British plugs.

3. Vertical single-slide-type injection molding machine, double-slide-type injection molding machine series: This machine is mainly aimed at engineering plastics, and the products have strict precision requirements. Precision or tiny inserts are injection-molded together, which is also the optimization of insert injection molding. One of the molding solutions. Because the machine has the function of upper die being fixed and lower die sliding out. The double slide type has an upper die and a double lower die, and the two dies work alternately, which is more suitable for inserting or taking out precision hardware. Some two-color molds can also be molded by double-slide injection molding. Generally, molded products, such as electronic precision connectors, mobile phone connectors, integrated circuit components, etc., have the disadvantage of double slide plates: two working positions, which increases labor costs.

4. Vertical disc type injection molding machine, rotary type series: The rotary type series of vertical disc type injection molding machine can be said to be the optimal solution for precision parts injection molding and two-color mold, because the machine can be designed with one upper mold and two lower molds or The multi-die function is more suitable for complex embedding and labor saving.

5. vertical and horizontal injection molding machine. Vertical-horizontal injection molding machine can be used for metal-coated insert products that require a large amount of glue and must be clamped with a vertical structure. Because the vertical structure is convenient for inserts, and the horizontal structure has a large amount of glue, the market needs a vertical-horizontal structure. combined product.

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