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What are the factors affecting precision injection molding machines?

Precision injection molding machine, as the name implies, requires high-precision injection molding equipment. The precision here can be divided into two indicators, namely equipment accuracy and mold accuracy. The weight repeatability error of the equipment accuracy of the precision injection molding machine is required to be less than 0.5%, and the mold accuracy is required to pass the inspection of high-precision mold processing equipment. It can be divided into three types: vertical, horizontal and all-electric. They are generally used in industries such as mobile phones, notebook computers, various plastic cases, toys, and lighting.
Since the requirements for precision injection molding machines are so high, we must carefully consider its influencing factors when purchasing and using them. Next, I mainly introduce the factors that affect the precision screen printing machine:
1. Consider the shrinkage rate of plastic.
2. Product shape and size. Shape and size of plastic parts.
3. The precision of mold plastic parts.
4. Mold processing accuracy.
5. Injection molding machines have higher precision requirements for products.