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What Is the Impact of Manufacturing Bottle Blowing Machine

What are the factors that affect the manufacturing Bottle Blowing Machine ? Influencing factors in the process are: preform heating, pre-blow, high pressure, and mold blowing.

1. Preforms

Injection molding of preforms or preform after heating must be cooled 48h, but also use preforms store time can not be more than six months, different production dates, especially preforms can not be mixed in the interval is too long, mainly because preform the materials used models, mixed in the proportion of secondary materials and preform residual stress due Blowing molding process, and these factors have a significant impact on the specific treatment should be based on the actual situation.

2. The Heating

The the preform heating temperature is generally set to 85-120℃, the colorless preforms higher, the colored preforms will have to lower. The temperature setting is too high or too low can cause product defects, such as pull-breaking, white mist. The temperature of the various areas of specific adjustments according to the molding oven lamp turn on at the same time to consider the situation.

3. Pre-blow

The pre-blow in the blowing process, the role is to make the preform have begun to take shape, longitudinally stretched by a stretching rod at the same time to increase the longitudinal strength. The whole process is in the blowing process, the pre-blow cam three-way valve onto the location of the pre-blowing, and by the one-way valve with the completion.

4. Stretching rod

The stretching rod is in the pre-blow at the same time in the pre-blowing with the heated preform stretching apparatus after it in the high pressure purge, the exhaust reset before.

5. The high-pressure blow

High pressure blowing of the melt fully extended, close to the mold wall, so that the bottle fully molded, and the transverse stretching at the same time, to increase its lateral strength. Its major influencing factors of position and pressure.

6. The mold

The mold is one of the important factors affecting the bottle blow molding. Bottle Huff mold, the bottom independent, is typical of the blow mold. In the production process, the mold temperature to maintain, clean, smooth vent.