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Where to go after recycling PET bottles

Where to go after recycling PET bottles
At present, only a small part of the PET bottles recycled in the world are remade into plastics and unsaturated polyester products. The vast majority of the rest is used in the textile industry, which is referred to internally as recycled fibers.
When these PET plastic bottles are recycled, they will be sent to be crushed first. After processing, they will be packaged and transported to the textile processing factory. Factory employees will separate the cap and bottle identity of the plastic bottle, and the cap will be handed over to others. In the factory, the bottle body is soaked in caustic soda to remove the glue from the plastic and so on. Then, the remaining plastic is stirred, baked, etc., and then pressed into filaments, and then the filaments are gathered into strands, which are heated and stretched repeatedly. If it is broken again, at this time, the plastic will become the light and soft hair of down, and then it can be processed by the weaving factory to start making clothes.
Because it is heated at high temperature, the recycled plastic is made into clothes, which is not harmful to the human body.

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