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Working Process of Injection Molding Machine

Plastic injection molding machine inject the plastic material into different plastic products with the help of mould. Though the injection molding machine differs a lot, the working procedure is basically the same. Below is working process the horizontal injection molding machine.

(1) Clamping and Locking

Injection molding process usually starts from mould clamping. The rate of moving template during the mould clamping process should meet the certain standard, to assure low pressure mold protection. This station assures the mould with enough clamping tonnage, to prevent flash.

(2) Injection Seat Moving Forward

When the clamping device locks, the injection seat moves forward, to assure the nozzle and mould get together as a preparation for the injection station. After this process, the injection cylinder pushes the screw forward and the melting material is ejected into the mould at a certain pressure and speed.

(3) Cooling and Pre-Plasticizing of Products

When the mould further cools down, the melting material begins to congeal. Mould holding is no longer needed when the melting material in the nozzle congeals. The product begins to cool down and falls into a pattern. At the same time, the screw drive device rotates the screw and the material runs into the barrel end and the mould.

(4) Injection device drawing back

Whether the injection device moves forward or back forward depends on the plastic processed. Some draws back during pre-plasticizing process, some before the plastic melting. Some injection process and product quality will be influenced if the material temperature in the nozzle is too low.The injection device is often moved backward in the purpose of cleaning material.

(5) Mold opening and product injected

When the mould cools down, the clamping device opens the mould. With the cooperation of injection unit of injection molding machine and ejection device of mould, the product falls down automatically and prepares for the next production circuit. More information please visit