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China Filling Machine Factory

China Filling Machine Factory
A filling machine is a piece of machinery used for filling a product into a container. The filling machine can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, depending on the product type. The semi-automatic model requires some human power, while the automatic one does all the work, including packaging. Both types of filling machines can help companies increase productivity and accuracy. When selecting a filling machine, it is important to find a manufacturer that offers good support for its products.

Automatic Glass bottle filling machine

Hot filling machines series as BCGF 3 in 1 mono-block machines integrate the function of rising, filling and capping together for glass bottle with crown cap and aluminum screw cap. And its glass bottle contact parts are Polymer nylon material which protects the glass bottles.

Depending on the different place and seasons, we will suggest customers to have 1 step warm water cleaning glass bottles to be avoid broken in winter specially. The capacity is from 2000BPH-24000BPH